Being a woman can have its advantages, and one of them is that ‘sex appeal’ only women have.  It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other or not, this can feel just as rewarding with someone as without.  The idea is to make yourself feel sexy.

If you haven’t been feeling particularly sexy or womanly as of late, try putting on something sexy.  If you don’t have clothes that make you feel sexy, then buy yourself something.  Splurge, I dare you.  It doesn’t have to be lingerie, but something that makes you feel amazing.  Just like your mindset can change with a certain song, it can also change with what you have on.  That may sound crazy, but just as I feel less productive when I wear gym clothes, I also feel just the opposite wearing a blazer.  A lot of women I talk to complain about their bodies and their lack of feeling ‘sexy.’  But if you put something sexy on, you just might feel like a million bucks.
Every woman lives in a different body and is beautiful in their own way, having every right to look, feel and BE sexy.  Give it a try.