Its one of those days, I have so much to do and yet I keep going in circles.  The day started off fantastic with coffee, a great workout and chat with friends.  But then it proceeded like this: I check one thing off the list and start something else, dog barks, baby cries and I forget what I’m doing; I get sidetracked for 30 minutes which means I am basically back at square one!

You know these days?  Sometimes I need to remember to stop, take a breath and get organized.  Put thoughts and ‘to do’s’ on paper, give my mind some room to breathe.  Once you get de-cluttered you can move forward in your thoughts, as opposed to feeling like you’re treading water.  It’s such a beautiful thing.

Have you stopped and actually thought about anything recently?  What’s really going on with You?  Or, are you in the whirlwind of going moment to moment, plowing through the ‘to do’s’.  Perhaps it would be nice to stop and sit outside for a moment, have a cup of tea and think about what is going well in your life.  Then, take another moment and think about what isn’t going so well. What is something you can do to make this better?  Gain some clarity, the to do list can wait..