Happiness means what to you?

I have realized that happiness is often created by the simplest things in life, yet we all strive to find happiness by searching high and low in every nook and cranny.

When you look at the cultures all around us, near and far, I have found that the happiest people are often the ones leading the simplest and most rewarding lives.  They have family, friends and loved ones around them.  They eat their meals together.  They live with others.  They help other people.  They feel appreciated in their daily lives.  They respect themselves.  They forgive.  They enjoy each day.  They enjoy their lives.

They are not always the ones making a million dollars or jet setting around the world; because guess what those people have a whole other compilation of problems.  The bottom line is that your mind has a large impact on your body and when you talk to yourself nicely, when you respect and appreciate who you are for everything you have been and will be, you feel good inside and out.  You nourish your body and soul with nutritious food, family, friends and love.

Remember its the little things…

Do what makes you happy.