I will never stop talking about self care and how important taking time for oneself is.  It never gets old, because every day we need time for us, time to do what feels good.  This allows us to tune in to our deepest hearts desires, listen to our intuition and show up as the best versions of ourselves.

It can be so hard to say “no” to things you should do and instead make time for the things you want to do.  When we don’t make time for ourselves we are left feeling depleted and agitated.  One of my favorite things to do is take a bath.  This is a time to decompress and relax.  There is no phone, no talking or distractions.  I absolutely love lighting a candle, using bath salts and reading a magazine as part of my nightly, bath time ritual.  It is quiet and peaceful, at least in the confines of this sacred space.

How much time do you give yourself?  What things do you do to fill you up?  Just 15 minutes a day will change your world..

What’s one thing you would love to spend time doing? xoxo