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What do You Want in this NEW YEAR?

Here we go 2018!!  What is it that you are wanting to be more of in the new year?  Although intentions can be set at any given time, there is something uniquely exciting about re-setting at the new year.

My words for 2018 are: Kindness, Passion and Abundance.  I like jotting my intentions on paper because it makes them feel more real.  Instead of writing things you want to achieve in the new year, maybe think about what you want to be more of.  How can you give more of you in order to get what you want?

Where do you see yourself in a year?  A very fun exercise, is to write “I am” in the middle of a piece of paper and write all of the things you want to be doing and feeling in a year from now.  Make it half realistic and attainable.  Once this is completed think about how you can begin making this “you” become a reality.  What is holding you back from getting you where you want?  Once you establish what is in the way, you set yourself free.

A few areas of focus for me are: career, self care (skincare, meditation, yoga), guitar, travel, awareness of boundaries, LOVE with backbone, exuding gratitude, trust in the UNIverse, and Abundance vs. Lack.  I am incorporating my 3 words – kindness, passion and abundance – into each and every area of my life.

Kindness / Passion / Abundance / Gratitude / Trust / Love Always xo

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The Secret Feel-Good Tool : Posture Perfect

Lately I have been noticing how many people walk around hunched over and slouching. Even at places like the gym I see guys walking around with their shoulders rolled forward in a slouched position. I can’t help but think of how much more confident they would look if they walked around a little taller.

Posture certainly affects us physically, but did you know how much it affects our mental and emotional health? Standing up straight is like telling the world you are open and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

Here are 3 fascinating things that happen once our posture changes:
1. Increased energy.
2. More positive thoughts.
3. You actually feel better about yourself, and this in turn affects everything!

beapina sometimesyouhavetogetknocked


1. More Energy
Good circulation is crucial to keeping your mind alert, body energized and feeling good. Slumping tightens your chest and compresses your lungs — which means less oxygen circulating freely in your bloodstream, leaving you tired, stressed, and mentally foggy. While a slow, slumped walk drains us of our energy, a confident one builds our energy. It’s essentially a free, feel good tool to boost energy!

When we talk about body language, we can see the affects it has on relationships in the animal kingdom. Body language is used to express power through expansive postures – standing tall, spreading limbs and opening up the body. Think about how you feel when you stand up and keep your posture open, as opposed to closed. What do you notice? Studies have shown that standing up straight and tall can actually affect our decision-making subconsciously. Researchers have actually found that those people who use powerful poses not only felt more powerful and in control, but were also more likely to take a risky bet!

3. Better Digestion
Slouching after eating causes your stomach muscles to tighten, which can push stomach acid into your esophagus and cause heartburn. Standing, sitting up straight or walking allows your digestive system to work more efficiently, cutting down on gas and tummy pains.

4. Fewer Headaches
Headaches are a common by-product of our constant use of computers and other electronic gadgets — notice how gravity pull your head forward when you’re staring at a screen. This position pulls on neck muscles and nerves in the back of your head and cuts blood flow to the brain. The result: a throbbing head. Sit straighter and you’ll prevent the pain.

5. Less Back Pain
Need I say more?

Practice keeping your shoulders down and back, and stand up straight. How does this make your feel? You might be surprised by how people talk to you when you’re walking around in this confident posture vs. the slumped over posture. Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear from you!

If you would like to dig deeper, check out Amy Cuddy’s famous Ted Talk on her incredible insights about how posture changes our hormone levels.

Rooted in standing tall and proud.

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What is Collagen and Why we Need it

Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, is part of the connective tissue for bones, muscles, blood cells, cartilage, arteries and organs. As you age, the production of collagen decreases, leading to a slew of potential side effects. Drinking beverages containing collagen powder, made from animal or fish materials, may be beneficial by helping offset some of that collagen loss.

Collagen is comprised of long chain proteins, and when you consume collagen powder – or collagen containing foods – your digestive system breaks down the proteins into amino acids. The amino acids are then absorbed and used as building blocks that support collagen production throughout the body. Collagen can then help heal the body from within. Collagen powders are a particularly rich source of the amino acids glycine and proline, which supports metabolic functions and detoxification – especially for bones, joints, cartilage, skin cells, hair and nails. Collagen is also important for healing the gut and strengthening the immune system.

For optimum digestion and absorption of amino acids, consume collagen powder on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Maple Pumpkin Collagen Shake
(makes 2 large or 4 small)

1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 large navel orange, juiced
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
2 frozen bananas, peeled and roughly chopped
1 tbsp pure maple syrup
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp collagen hydrolysate – Great Lakes Gelatin
Pinch sea salt

Put all ingredients into a blender and whizz until completely smooth and well blended, adding a dribble or two of filtered water if you find it too thick. Serve immediately.


Rooted in beautiful skin!

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Tips on Eating Out and About

Read these tips to get savvy on eating out, and set yourself up for success!

1. Don’t go out to a meal completely famished – have a healthy snack ahead of time: i.e. carrots and hummus, ham and cheese, scoop or two of almond butter, handful of nuts.

2. Ask for a glass of room temperature water with lemon – cold water impedes digestion.

3. Don’t eat the bread unless it’s really worth it.

4. Order tapas style – take your time and enjoy each dish.

5. Share appetizers and entrees or ask for a to go box at the same time your food is delivered.

6. Order dishes with a protein: i.e. shrimp cocktail, oysters, sushi, duck tacos, etc.

7. Wait to order the booze – alcohol spikes the blood sugar and can cause you to eat more! Order the alcohol with the meal, as protein with the alcohol will help you eat less.

8. Eat in a calm, happy atmosphere for better digestion – stress causes you to eat more and the blood goes to the limbs.

9. 80/20 rule – 80% makes up your health, 20% fun.
Sugar: alcohol, bread, pasta, rice, desert – choose one or two. Pick and choose what is worth it for you!

10. Ask for gluten free menu or gluten free options – this will cut down on the amount of sugar you are consuming automatically.

11. Ask to have your food cooked in butter – most restaurants use canola and soybean oil which are not beneficial to your health.

Rooted in making good choices out and about.

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TIPS for Traveling


Stay on track no matter where you are headed!  Use these simple tips to improve your travel experience – staying ahead of the game and not behind.  Set yourself up for success. xo

1. Pack your sneakers – to squeeze in a walk, run or exercise class. Aside from reaping the benefits of the exercise, this will also help you make better choices when eating out. If you know your schedule is jam packed, choose to walk early in the morning or later in the day.

2.   Bring healthy snacks
– hard boiled eggs
– sliced precooked organic sausage
– string cheese / organic cheese cubes
– mixed raw nuts
– pistachios
– indiv. packets of peanut butter/almond butter and apple
– homemade granola bars
– trail mix bites
– fruit
– cut up raw veggies (string beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, cucumber) and hummus
– protein bars
– Kombucha

3. Find a market – upon arriving at your destination so you don’t rely on full service restaurants or end up famished.

4. Stay hydrated – with room temperature water.

5. Scope out the scene – so you know where to purchase healthy foods on the go, perhaps a local gym, café, etc.

6. Plan ahead – so you know when meals will be served and when you are on your own. Don’t have the starve and splurge mentality.

7. Pick and choose – when you go to a restaurant choose what you really want and eat slowly. Don’t eat everything just because it’s in sight: the bread, the pasta, the wine, the passed appetizers, the dessert, etc.

8. Be aware of alcohol intake – how often you are getting a pre or post dinner drink with co-workers, family or friends.

9. Try new food – enjoy your experience as much as you can and don’t be too hard on yourself.

10. Enjoy yourself!


Rooted in traveling healthily and comfortably.

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Simple Salads

Eating healthy can be easy-peasy, nourishing and delicious.  This is the yummy salad I threw together with ingredients purchased from my local fruit stand (except for the feta)!  I do my cooking and food prep based on what is in season and easily available.

Salad Ingredients: salad
Black Beans
Pomegranate Seeds
Sea Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil / Balsamic


Rooted in easy food creations.


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Grocery Shopping Tips

Does going to the grocery store give you anxiety?  This experience does not have to be horrid, scary, intimidating, and super costly!  In fact, it should be just the opposite.  Gain insight into the grocery shopping experience with these tips to help guide you..


1. Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store – The most nutritious foods are on outside!  P.S. it doesn’t matter if you are shopping at Whole Foods, the “whole” foods are still found on the perimeter of the store!  Although we all love Whole Foods, just because you shop there doesn’t mean everything is nutritious.

2. Shop According to What Is In-Season – Nutrient-rich and less expensive.  If its available to you, utilize your local fruit stand or farmers market.  This is a fantastic way to go all around!  If needed, supplement with frozen items for those foods not in season.

3. Subscribe to the Market Bulletins – This makes it much easier to purchase high quality items at a low cost.  This is your opportunity to purchase items that you may not normally buy!

4. Plan Ahead – Planning a few meals ahead keeps you in line with your wallet and your waist.  If you go to the store with a grocery list, you are more likely to stick to nutritious foods and less likely to come home with lots of unnecessary, less nutritious goods.

5. Buy Full-Fat Products – Fat does not make you fat!  Fat, is actually good for you!  Low-fat options have more sugar added.  Pay attention to labels as many foods you wouldn’t expect are often loaded with sugar and other fillers, such as; yogurt, salad dressings, packaged foods, cereal, etc.

6. Buy WHOLE foods as Much as Possible – Veggies, fruits, fish, meats, nuts etc.  Stick to foods that come from a plant and stay away from those made in a plant.  Buy packaged/pre-prepared foods in moderation.*

7. Pay Attention to Labels – Remember ingredients are listed in order by weight, so the predominant ingredients will be listed first.  As a general rule of thumb, if there are more than 10 ingredients listed or you can’t pronounce the ingredients, ditch the food, because your body probably won’t be able to recognize and appropriately digest the food either.  Remember to look at how many servings are offered, as the labels are based on serving size.  For example, if you ate 1 bag of goldfish with 20 grams of carbohydrate per serving, and the bag contained 3 servings total, you must multiply 20 x 3 = 60 grams of carbohydrate consumed.  Also, don’t forget about the sugar.  Although there is no adequate amount of sugar, try and stay under double digits per serving.

8. Watch Out for Buying “Liquid Calories” – Juices, smoothies, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. are filled with sugar and calories, so be aware with what choices you are making.  There are zillions of drinks on the market, and even if they are sold at a high end grocery store it does not mean they are healthy.  Remember, water is your best bet!

* is an excellent place to purchase dried goods online, at a discount.  One advantage to this is you are less likely to buy unnecessary items!

Set yourself up for success, not failure.  If you would like extra support, set up an appointment today and we can transform your grocery shopping experience together!

Comfortably rooted in going to the market!

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Desert Get-Away

I’m sitting by the pool at this great little spot in Borrego Springs (I can’t tell you the name or I’d be in trouble since its a bit of a hidden jem! Please forgive me).  I am returning home soon after a wonderful couple days in the desert with my sister and close friends, who I consider family.  Every time I make time for a get-away strictly for relaxation it reminds me how important it really is to take a break and let your mind, body and soul recharge.  Before I left people would say, “Oh thats great you are going out there, what are you doing there?” In my mind it reiterated to me that we are immersed in a culture where everyone feels the need to be doing something, constantly.  I came here to enjoy nature and my family, to read and write, to paint nails and play games, to swim and RELAX!  I didn’t come here with an agenda and list of things to see and do.

The ability to be comfortable with yourself, with quiet and with your own mind is a beautiful thing.  Although I have a cold I don’t feel sick, I feel quite the opposite.  This is because I have spent two days enjoying the company of those that I love and reconnecting with my being.  The value is priceless.

Auntie Lynne & Sister/Uncle John Grilling/Sister & I

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I can’t tell you how many articles I read about stress putting you at an increased risk for something –whether it be heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalance, and the list goes on.  If we haven’t figure it out by now it might be time we start with some of the basics.  We all know how highly prevalent stress is in a society where we put so much emphasis and pressure on ourselves: to be the best in school, an amazing athlete or pianist, to be the skinniest, top of your profession, have a lucrative job, to have the perfect family, to buy a large home, raise your children in an affluent neighborhood..  Its a matter of how we handle the stress.

When you experience stress, your adrenal glands produce large quantities of cortisol — the stress hormone — but in turn this affects other processes in your body.  These include one’s ability to metabolize glucose levels, which in turn relates to storing fat, in addition to affecting your sex hormones, metabolism, etc.  When one continues to experience stress, they continue to produce cortisol, which only prolongs this chain effect.  As time goes on these minor issues can turn into much larger problems internally.

The truth is this stress we all talk about is killing us slowly.  Not to exaggerate but it might help us all to be a little more aware.  Is this pressure and stress we put on ourselves really worth it?

And then there is the issue of the millions of people on medication to treat stress and the myriad of problems it leads to…but I”ll save that for another post!

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Happiness means what to you?

I have realized that happiness is often created by the simplest things in life, yet we all strive to find happiness by searching high and low in every nook and cranny.

When you look at the cultures all around us, near and far, I have found that the happiest people are often the ones leading the simplest and most rewarding lives.  They have family, friends and loved ones around them.  They eat their meals together.  They live with others.  They help other people.  They feel appreciated in their daily lives.  They respect themselves.  They forgive.  They enjoy each day.  They enjoy their lives.

They are not always the ones making a million dollars or jet setting around the world; because guess what those people have a whole other compilation of problems.  The bottom line is that your mind has a large impact on your body and when you talk to yourself nicely, when you respect and appreciate who you are for everything you have been and will be, you feel good inside and out.  You nourish your body and soul with nutritious food, family, friends and love.

Remember its the little things…

Do what makes you happy.

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