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The Secret Feel-Good Tool : Posture Perfect

Lately I have been noticing how many people walk around hunched over and slouching. Even at places like the gym I see guys walking around with their shoulders rolled forward in a slouched position. I can’t help but think of how much more confident they would look if they walked around a little taller.

Posture certainly affects us physically, but did you know how much it affects our mental and emotional health? Standing up straight is like telling the world you are open and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

Here are 3 fascinating things that happen once our posture changes:
1. Increased energy.
2. More positive thoughts.
3. You actually feel better about yourself, and this in turn affects everything!

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1. More Energy
Good circulation is crucial to keeping your mind alert, body energized and feeling good. Slumping tightens your chest and compresses your lungs — which means less oxygen circulating freely in your bloodstream, leaving you tired, stressed, and mentally foggy. While a slow, slumped walk drains us of our energy, a confident one builds our energy. It’s essentially a free, feel good tool to boost energy!

When we talk about body language, we can see the affects it has on relationships in the animal kingdom. Body language is used to express power through expansive postures – standing tall, spreading limbs and opening up the body. Think about how you feel when you stand up and keep your posture open, as opposed to closed. What do you notice? Studies have shown that standing up straight and tall can actually affect our decision-making subconsciously. Researchers have actually found that those people who use powerful poses not only felt more powerful and in control, but were also more likely to take a risky bet!

3. Better Digestion
Slouching after eating causes your stomach muscles to tighten, which can push stomach acid into your esophagus and cause heartburn. Standing, sitting up straight or walking allows your digestive system to work more efficiently, cutting down on gas and tummy pains.

4. Fewer Headaches
Headaches are a common by-product of our constant use of computers and other electronic gadgets — notice how gravity pull your head forward when you’re staring at a screen. This position pulls on neck muscles and nerves in the back of your head and cuts blood flow to the brain. The result: a throbbing head. Sit straighter and you’ll prevent the pain.

5. Less Back Pain
Need I say more?

Practice keeping your shoulders down and back, and stand up straight. How does this make your feel? You might be surprised by how people talk to you when you’re walking around in this confident posture vs. the slumped over posture. Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear from you!

If you would like to dig deeper, check out Amy Cuddy’s famous Ted Talk on her incredible insights about how posture changes our hormone levels.

Rooted in standing tall and proud.

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Shake it UP

Blue Bird Rising
almond milk, blueberries, raisins, almonds, walnuts & honey

almond milk, strawberries, dates, chia seeds & vanilla extract

Whole Hearted
almond milk, cantaloupe, banana, coconut butter, coconut, dates, cinnamon, almond butter & vanilla extract

almond Milk, coconut water, kale, banana, nut butter, dates & walnuts

almond milk, banana, dates, nut butter, coconut, flax seeds & granola

San Diego Happiness
coconut milk, Greek yogurt, banana, nut butter, dates & coconut

coconut milk, banana, blueberries, almond butter, protein blend

West Coast
coconut, water, kale, apple, lemon & ginger

Start Strong
coconut water, kale, spinach, celery, apple, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, honey & spirulina

coconut milk, banana, orange, pineapple, nut butter & almonds

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.23.46 PM

<- Immune, Inflammation, Infection ->
For Extra Boost Add:

– Bone broth
– Apple cider vinegar
– Collagen powder
– Carlson’s cod liver oil
– “Green Food”
– Bee products (local)
– Protein powder

*Use “unsweetened” milks and other products to keep sugars down.

Rooted in liquid nutrients.

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Bone Broth

Prep and cook time:  12-24 hours. Makes 6-8 cups.

5 pounds organic raw chicken/beef bones, rinsed and cleaned; 
2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar, seasoned with Celtic Sea Salt / Himalayan Pink Salt, herbs and spices to taste, such as basil, oregano, thyme, cayenne.

-Chicken bones: When you ask the butcher for the bones, be sure to ask for the feet, as well, since that is where collagen is found.
-Beef bones: Ask for marrow bones, such as oxtail, short ribs, knuckle bones (cut in half).

Mix all ingredients in a slow cooker filled with water, or cook in a large pot on the stove.  Turn on low and cook for 10-24 hours.  After cooking, strain fat and solids and save the broth.  This broth can be used for soups, cooking grains, beans, or just drink from a mug.  The solidified fat from the top is excellent for your pets, and can be mixed with their food.

Broth can be stored for up to 5 days in the refrigerator, 6 months in the freezer.

By cooking the bones slowly over a long period of time, it draws the minerals out of the bones, making it pure nutrients for immunity and strength.  Especially excellent for pregnant mamas!


Promotes Strong, Healthy Bones -> Lots of calcium and magnesium.
Fights Infection -> So many nutrients to help balance pH and battle sepsis in the body.
Reduces Joint Pain / Inflammation -> Lots of amino acids – arginine, glycine, proline – and other compounds to decrease inflammation and other compounds.
Heals and Repairs Guts / Improves Digestive Function -> The gelatin can attract and hold liquids, including digestive juices, supporting proper digestion.  
Aids Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails -> Gelatin and collagen.


Rooted in bone broth.

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Healthy Babies Begin in the Gut

A lot of us underestimate the value of the gut. I preach a lot about hormones, diagnostics and adrenals, but the gut is truly the center to everything. If the gut isn’t functioning correctly it effects our entire bodily system. What we digest and assimilate is what’s used to make a baby. This may sound obvious to you, but a lot of people do not consider this.

If our gut is not functioning properly, we will not be able to absorb and utilize much of the nutrients we are putting in our body.
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