Don’t want to be eating every hour, want to digest before eating new food. At least 2 hrs. in-between. This is important to maintain our metabolism and hormones.

Breakfast/Skipping Meals?
Eat it. If you don’t feel hungry in the morning your body has given up on sending you hunger signals. You have been fasting all night long and you should be hungry and you want blood sugar to be stable. *When you skip meals/fast the body knows there is no fuel going to brain/body/cells → Adrenal glands stimulated to produce adrenaline to trigger liver to make glucagon, which gets converted to glucose to raise blood sugar and go up. When it goes up at steep angle it goes down at a steep angle, get cravings – contributes to insulin resistance.

Can’t Cook?
Make the best choices you can – Find a great food counter with healthy choices and/or hire a chef.
Need to find time to feed yourself → make a little time.
Good preparation for having a baby!

Drink 3 quarts of water a day!
Herbal teas, Peppermint tea, Fruity teas
Rooisbos Chai
Honest Tea
Ferments – kefir w/blueberries

Very nourishing, but also full of mercury. If bodies are compromised, can’t chelate the mercury out. If you are healthy you should be able to handle toxins. Be mindful of mercury and consume some fish!
Eat smaller fish, lower on food chain, lower mercury – Anchovy, Mackerel (4-6x/wk.), Sardines – lots of omega 3 fatty acids.

Minimized processed foods, minimal ingredients → Stick to whole foods.
Shop the perimeter of the market.

No go: Sugar consumption contributes to low progesterone/ high estrogen that is no good for the luteal phase of your cycle. Sugar contributes to polycystic ovarian syndrome, which causes immature eggs and sometimes causes absent ovulation. Sugar taxes your adrenal glands, and you need those babies working hard to make hormones!

Food is the Best Medicine
-Just improve your diet; you don’t need to be perfect!
-Take a year to prepare your body for pregnancy.
-The progression of the egg from the primordial stage to ovulation takes 1 year.
-Think of a Fertility Diet as a new way of life.
-How will you feel when you get that Big Fat Positive and you know in your heart that you did all you could!

You’ll Be on Your Way to Being an Empowered Mom
-You will have a healthy pregnancy.
-Your labor and delivery will be a breeze.
-Your baby will be healthy and strong.
-Your grandchildren will be healthy and strong.


Baby Love xo