SNACK / MINI MEAL IDEAS for Little Ones and Big Ones!

These are Simple snack ideas, for simple palates.  Feel free to add as many ingredients as you like and dress up these snacks to your liking..

–  Soft Fruit Bites – banana/oranges/tangerines/papaya/avocado/mango or mix all and sprinkle with cinnamon or dollop of honey.

–  Banana on a Stick – peel banana, cut in half, insert popsicle stick. Dip in yogurt and roll in wheat germ/cereal. Freeze and enjoy!

– Chia Chow-Down Pudding – 2 cups of coconut milk/almond milk/ raw milk/water (your choice!), 1/2 cup chia seeds, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional), 1 tablespoon honey. Place in fridge for 15 minutes and voila you have chia pudding! Great source of protein, fiber, calcium, iron, & nutrients.

–  Ants on a Log – fill celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese. Top with a row of raisins or other dried fruit.

–  Apple Pockets – add a dash of cinnamon to a scoop or ricotta cheese, mix. Fill a whole wheat pita pocket with the ricotta mixture and add a layer of thinly sliced apples.

–  Little Bagel – add nut butter, jam, cream cheese OR add tomatoes, cheddar and avocado warmed.

–  Cooked Veggies Bowl – cook veggies of choice/in season and sprinkle with cheese of choice.

–  Peanut Butter on Rice Cracker – add raisins, almond slivers, flax or wheat germ for extra fiber.

–  Small Sandwich Sections – pb & j/cream cheese & olives/grilled cheese & tomato, avocado/turkey/chicken/tuna.

–  Oatmeal w milk and berries – mix with nut butter, top with honey and sprinkle with nut bits..

–  Home-Made Trail Mix – toss together a handful of each: your favorite ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal, dried fruits and nut pieces.

–  String Cheese/Cutie Cheese Cubes.

–  Quesadilla – add veggies: mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, avocado; protein: chicken, beef, shrimp; guacamole.

–  Yogurt Parfait – layer yogurt w blueberries, top with granola and drizzle with honey.

–  Frozen Yummy-Yogurt Sandwiches – smear a small scoop of frozen yogurt on two small graham crackers. Add a layer of sliced bananas or strawberries in the center to make a delicious sandwich!

–  Vegan Peanut Butter Ball Bliss – Add all the ingredients except for the rice cereal into a bowl and mix together until combined. Shape the mixture into 16 balls. Pour the rice cereal into a shallow dish and roll each ball in the crispies. Enjoy! Store remaining balls in the refrigerator.  Ingredients: 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, 1/4 cup whole quick oats
, 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/4 cup wheat germ, 
1/4 cup unsweetened flaked coconut
, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 
1/4 cup apple cider, 
1 tablespoon maple syrup
, 1/4 cup brown rice crisp cereal.

-Raw Veggies – carrots, celery, cucumber w/ choice of: almond butter / homemade dressing / hummus / pesto.

-SD Sunrise – Avocado halved w/ fried egg on top.

-Mozzarella and Tomato Salad – with basil drizzled with olive oil, dash of salt and pepper.

-Sliced Prosciutto Rolls – wrapped around dates, basil leafs and goat cheese and sautéed.

-Smoked Salmon – on cucumber w goat cheese/dill cream cheese.

-Smoked Oysters – add slice tomato and bite of raw cheese.

-Pâté/Bratwurst Delight – on cucumber / rice cracker.

-Lettuce Wraps – w/ tuna, tomato, celery & seasonings.

-Apple and Almond Butter Sandwich – sprinkled w unsweetened coconut flakes and wheat germ.

-Greek Yogurt Bowl – with raw walnuts, berries, dollop of sunflower butter if desired, drizzle w/ local honey (allergy defense).

-Yogurt Parfait – Greek yogurt/kefir layered with mixed nuts and topped with berries.

-Banana Split – banana sliced length-wise topped with 1/2 cup frozen yogurt/Greek yogurt & sprinkling of walnuts.

-Cottage Cheese Bowl – w/ fruit, cononut and nuts.

-Homemade Trail Mix – walnuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes & a bit of dried fruit – apricots, date pieces.

-Beat, Kale or Zucchini Chips.

– Popsicle – make your own?

– Trail Mix Energy Bites – Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix evenly and refrigerate covered for 1-2 hours. Make into little energy balls and enjoy!  Ingredients: 1 cup old-fashioned oats, ½ cup peanut butter/almond butter/sunflower butter, ½ cup chocolate chips, ½ cup peanuts or almonds, ½ cup chopped pretzels, 1/4 cup honey, ¼ cup wheat germ, 1 tbsp chia seeds.

–  Make Your Own Smoothie – go green, go fruity or go creamy:

Holly’s Happiness:
1/2 cup ice, 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp sunflower butter/almond butter, 1 small handful dates, 1 scoop protein powder? 
Good Morning San Diego:
1/2 cup ice, 1 cup + kale,1 apple, 1/2 lemon squeezed, some ginger, 1 tbsp flaxseeds (optional)
Banana Blissed:
1/2 cup ice, ½ banana, 1 large handful of kale, dash of sea salt, dash of cinnamon, 1 small handful of dates








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