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The Healing Power of Sleep

Your Body is Working Behind the Scenes

Sleep is often overlooked and underrated, as many of us seem to forget how necessary and important sleep really is. Getting quality sleep can be the easy, natural and inexpensive fix you need. Whether you are preparing for fertility, trying to lose weight or challenged by certain ailments, you can’t complain about things not operating properly if you are not getting sufficient zzzz’s.

→ Take a Look:

– While your sleeping, your follicles are growing and being recruited.
– Hormones are being released.
– Tissue and muscle repair/growth occurs.
– Energy is restored.
– You’re also detoxing your body in your sleep.
– The adrenal glands need deep sleep, in order to restore themselves.
– Go to sleep by 10:00 pm to renew your adrenals and allow your body to naturally detox.
– Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours.

→ How to Attain Deep Sleep:

– Remove EMF emitting appliances from bedroom – tv, radio, cell phone, computer.
– Stop watching TV or using the computer 2 hours before bed.
– Put appliances throughout your house on walls facing outside if possible.
– Avoid, moderate caffeine and alcohol throughout the day – stimulants.
– No sugar or simple carbs after dinner, to prevent a spike in blood sugars.
– Have a little protein and fat right before bed.
– A hot bath, Abhyanga, sauna, castor oil packs and meditation are ideal before bed.
*This can work for people addicted to Ambien.


Get your sleep, it may be just what you need.

One Response to “The Healing Power of Sleep”

  1. Kimberly Boardman

    This post is so true. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and this post made me realize I should probably stop watching so much tv right before bed, that I should get a different alarm clock from my cellphone which I typically leave on my bedside table, and that I should skip the iced tea and/or beer I typically have with dinner. Thanks for reminding me of the restorative powers of sleep!


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